Founded by Val Booth in 1994, her mission was simple, to use high quality, fresh flowers in innovative designs, with her sense of style and unbounded passion for flowers, it became an easy reality, coming from a graphic design background.

Shortly after Val was joined by Jayne Grantham, a trainee and fresh face in the industry. Together an excellent working partnership was made, soon after a larger team was formed.

As Beehive Florists’ reputation has grown, so have their skill, gaining awards and making the finals in National Competitions in recent years. This, together with their belief in simple, unique use of fresh flowers, finest raw materials, funky containers and latests skills have proved to be a successfull combination.

Beehive Florists is based in Chelmsford Essex, the shop is on Wood Street and is open Monday to Saturday, it always offers a full range of ready to go seasonally inspired designs.